When Should I Consider Removing My Tree?

Sometimes it becomes necessary to fully remove a tree from your property:

Tree Death

Once a tree has died it is important, and often time-sensitive, to have it fully removed. Aside from its appearance, it can also present safety hazards to your home. The tree and its root system have now become brittle, which can result in anything from falling branches to trunk breakage, or even complete uprooting. 

Dead trees also attract pests like carpenter ants, termites, and other harmful wood-boring insects, which not only further degrade the tree, but threaten the other trees on your property, possibly even your house. If your tree died as a result of a fungal disease, these are often highly contagious to other nearby plants and can spread quickly through the soil. It’s best to remove the infected tree as soon as possible to prevent further spread.


Examples of this may be that a tree’s presence is hindering lawn growth by casting too much shade, or maybe it’s dropping too many leaves/fruit on the lawn, and roof/gutters throughout the year for the homeowner to keep up with. It could be that a tree is blocking a view you would like to have opened up.


Removal may be the best course of action to get ahead of a future problem with a tree. 

Possible candidates for this would be:

  • A leaning tree
  • A tree with a weakening fork, where the tree divides into multiple leaders and degrades over time at the point of the fork due to moisture buildup and weight pressure
  • A diseased or infested tree which is beyond saving, and now poses a threat to surrounding vegetation


Why is Trimming My Trees Important?

Healthy trees can add a lot of beauty and value to your property. They can also have the opposite effect if neglected. Your trees don’t ask as much from you as your lawn. Just some basic maintenance every couple years will make all the difference. 

The three main goals of regular trimming are:


Basic maintenance makes the difference between a brushy, chaotic tree versus a beautiful, stately tree which contributes to the integrity and value of your property.

• Trimming a tree back to a beautiful, natural shape

• Removing dead branches

• Thinning the tree’s canopy and removing competing branches

• Raising the tree’s canopy


Beyond visual appeal, proper trimming will enhance the health of your tree, encourage strong growth, and prolong its life.

•Removing dead wood from the tree makes room for healthy, new growth. Dead wood is also home to wood-boring pests and disease which can spread to the rest of your tree. Your tree has to use resources to combat these threats. That energy is better spent on nourishing healthy growth and strengthening its root system.

•Thinning your tree’s canopy is beneficial to its health in many ways. It increases sun exposure and airflow throughout the tree. This prevents excess moisture buildup that can lead to disease. Thinning also allows for more sunlight to your lawn and surrounding vegetation!

•Removing competing branches which can put a strain on the tree’s limited resources, and can also rub and cause open wounds.


Basic maintenance helps limit dangerous risks to your structures and your family.

•Removing dead limbs prevents falling risk

•Reducing the weight of healthy limbs helps prevent stress breakage

•Thinning the tree’s canopy reduces wind resistance which can lead to breakage/uprooting

Stump Grinding

Remove Unsightly Stumps

Just show us the stump, and we’ll take care of the rest. We make arrangements with Dig-Rite to locate any potential underground utilities. We then grind the stump as well as any exposed roots. We strive to be thorough with our grinds to provide you with a clean slate for new growth opportunities when you’re ready to seed or replant.

Brush Hauling

If you have an old pile of limbs, or even a very large stack of tangled brush, we’re happy to come out and remove it, so you can open up your area again. As with all of our work, we’ll remove the brush and thoroughly rake and clean the area when finished, leaving you with a great starting point for whatever is next!

Storm Damage

Southwest Missouri has had their share of ice and wind storms over the years. We understand that nobody plans for these events, and we are very responsive to the many time-sensitive storm calls we receive after they strike. Please call us if you’ve experienced a storm-related emergency with your trees, and we will do our best to prioritize your situation.

Storm damage tree removal and cleanup

When we arrive on site we will assess the damage and provide you with a formal written bid, which will meet the standard requirements of your insurance provider. We will then clean up the damage as soon as possible and get your yard back to looking beautiful!